Academic Excellence

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Academic Excellence

We endeavour and are committed to obtaining the best results from our pupils and guaranteeing them the best preparation as people for success in what they become and what they do so that, when tomorrow comes, they are able to successfully complete higher education. To that end, we have a well-grounded syllabus with clear educational objectives and extensive content in the areas of science, the humanities and art. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive formation in learning skills and learning tools. We seek not only to provide pupils with knowledge but also to enable them to know how to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their lives.

We have thus adopted avant-garde education systems and programmes of excellence:

Sunrise Method (Pre-school and Primary)
An education programme focused on skills-based schooling: not only does it provide pupils with knowledge but also gives them the skills to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their lives.

top leader

“Top Leader” Programme (Secondary)
This programme is intended to awaken the leader that lies within our pupils and enable them to lead their own lives. We achieve this through Cinema Forums, Debate Clubs, an Apologetics Course, themed projects, cultural visits, synthesis work, research work, etc.

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APS Programme - Pre-University Guidance (Higher Secondary)
This aims to provide pupils with the best professional guidance possible. Pupils undertake a week of work experience, attend professional guidance conferences, conferences on how to access university education, enjoy leisure alternatives, conferences on academic and professional opportunities and open days at a number of different universities.

Virtues Programme
HIGHLANDS SCHOOL Barcelona seeks the development of human virtues through all its educational, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and fosters habits of harmony and solidarity.

Civility Programme
We work on civility throughout all stages of the education process in order to mould educated and polite pupils.

Intellectual Formation

excelencia ninos

Above all, this comprises the development of abilities, habits and skills; education on the correct use of reason; on the ability to reach fair and balanced judgements; encouraging the ability to analyse, synthesise and relate; and to foster a curiosity to learn about reality. Our pupils thus acquire a clear and sound mental structure with principles and values imprinted on their conscience.

Personalised Services
  • Direct observation in the classroom
  • Group level psycho-pedagogical assessment in P4 Pre-School, throughout Primary education and in 3rd and 4th Grade Secondary.
  • Individual psycho-pedagogical assessment whenever necessary.
  • Preparation of a personalised programme to accompany each pupil throughout their schooling.
  • Advice to parents on issues related to any educational, development, emotional or social aspect of their children.
  • Contact and collaboration with external centres.
Personalised Plan

This is a resource designed for those pupils who require certain adaptation of the syllabus, whether they demonstrate particular talent or any specific difficulties. How is this done? The objectives, content and assessment method are tailored to each pupil and established according to the actual ability of the pupil. They are temporary plans and are subject to review each term by the Faculty, the Guidance Office and the Academic Coordination Office.

Professional Guidance Plan

This programme is aimed at pupils in 3rd and 4th Grade Compulsory Secondary and is intended to guide them in their choice of profession for the future.

How is this done?

The GOES (Secondary Education Guidance Office) prepares a report that considers the results obtained from psycho-technical tests, personality tests and professional interest tests together with a personal interview. This report forms part of a programme that, among other things, also includes existential practices, chats from sector professionals, etc.

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