Entradas por Gestor DIRCOM HL Barcelona

Public Speech Week

Viernes,15, diciembre %% During this week, all the children in Primary will be busy presenting their amazing public speeches covering a wide range of subjects. This is just one way we encourage the use of English here at Highlands. Excellent work everyone! #ProudtobeHighlands

Highlands Barcelona en el Palau de la Música Catalana

El pasado 3 de diciembre, Highlands School Barcelona actuó por primera vez en el concierto familiar organizado por el Conservatori El Liceu en el Palau de la Música Catalana. Highlands Barcelona es una escuela vinculada al Liceu e integra en su currículum el programa musical del conservatorio que comprende, entre otros aspectos, la participación de […]

Science Time – 4th of ESO

Sometimes the best way to learn is PLAYING. The girls of 4th of ESO were competing this Friday on the science version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and here we have the winners! They didn’t get all the money, of course, but they earned some candy!

Spelling bee contest

The objective of this contest is to recognise the spelling of English words as they do in the United Kingdom. They do not only need to know how words are written but they also need to verbally spell them out fluent and clearly. There is no doubt that these exercises also help students gain self-confidence.

Primary’s public speech

Every student in Primary school prepared a Public Speech presentation based on a subject proposed by the school. Here is an example of a 6th Grade finalist presenting her speech at the library on the different ways of education.    

Christmas 2017. Workshops and Fun

Miércoles, 27, diciembre %% Two Workshops for Christmas: 27th,28th,29th December and 2nd,3rd,4th January. Use the Christmas school holidays to have fun doing creative arts&crafts workshops, experiments and games with friends. Do not miss these Christmas activity days taking place at Highlands School Barcelona. For more infor and bookings: 93-681.35.79 / 628.85.45.95 – info@justforyoukids.com