Entradas por Sandra Fernández


viernes,20,Octubre%%   Fapel University Day se trata de una jornada, que en esta 5º edición se realiza en nuestro colegio, para informar de manera personalizada sobre las ofertas educativas de los centros universitarios asistentes. Está dirigido a los alumnos de último curso de ESO y Bachillerato. En breve informaremos del horario.

Theatre week

In March we also celebrated Theatre Week. The British theatre company Look out performed various plays for the different stages, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. Our students also prepared some plays: Snowwhite, The Colour Monster, Gruffalo, etc. Children enjoyed both watching and performing!

Other class activities

Primary students have also done many other activities in class aimed at developing oral skills. For example,4th Grade acted out the English book Changing Places. Later on, they designed different outfits by groups and presented them to their peers in the so-called Highlands Fashion Week.The girls loved it!