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Languages are essential for cultural enrichment and for the professional future of our pupils. With that in mind, HIGHLANDS SCHOOL Barcelona begins with a bilingual (Spanish-English) system in our nursery years. Later on, Catalan is added in Pre-school to achieve trilingualism.

Most of our activities are taught in English so that pupils can pick up the language naturally: Spelling Bee, Highlands Week, Summer Camp, Oratory Contest, Debates, Contests, Picto-poems, Dialogue of the week...

Official Cambridge exams:
Highlands Barcelona is a preparatory centre for the official Cambridge exams, thus making it easier for our pupils to take these exams and obtain official qualifications. 50% of our pupils obtained the highest possible grade in the 2011-2012 school year, while only 0.48% managed to do so in Spain as a whole.

English throughout every schooling stage:

  • Our Pre-school classes are taught 60% in English and 40% in Spanish, this being the time in a child’s life when they are most receptive to learning new linguistic skills. Our pupils find themselves in an English environment, with teachers who only speak English and classrooms decorated entirely with English texts. This stage is focused on oral comprehension and expression. The children pick up the language in an entirely natural way, through the routine imposed by the teacher, their projects, picto-poems and ‘show and tell’ exercises.
  • We introduce Catalan as a third language during Primary school when classes are taught 50% in English, 35% in Spanish and 15% in Catalan. We also present our pupils for such exams as the “Starters”, “Movers” and “PET” in 6th Grade Primary. We regularly hold a “Spelling Bee” competition at our school because correct spelling is essential for writing well in English. This is why we dedicate time every week to spelling activities. Pupils then take part in a competition at the end of each term.
  • Classes are taught 45% in English, 35% in Spanish and 25% in Catalan during Secondary school and pupils are presented for the First Certificate in English (FCE).
  • When they reach Higher Secondary, those pupils who wish to do so can present themselves for the official Cambridge exams to obtain the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

Studies in Ireland
Highlands Barcelona offers its pupils the chance to spend a term, 6 months or a year studying at our Dublin Oak and Woodlands Academy centres in Ireland. These academies follow the same academic system as we do.

End-of-Year Trips to Ireland
Our pupils study in Ireland for one week in 6th Grade Primary. The purpose of this trip is to consolidate their knowledge of the English language that they have acquired at school.

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