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We form part of a larger whole...

This school forms part of a network of centres dedicated to the teaching, education and evangelisation of children and young people. It belongs to Regnum Christi, a movement of the Catholic Church whose mission is to extend the Kingdom of Christ in society by fostering the experience of a personal encounter with the love of God. It works closely with bishops, local churches and their pastoral programmes.

In Spain
Colegio Everest - Madrid
C/ Rosas s/n Monteclaro, Madrid

Highlands El Encinar - Madrid
C/ San Enrique de Ossó, 46 El Encinar de los Reyes. Madrid

Highlands Los Fresnos - Madrid
Avda. de la Comunidad Canaria s/n Boadilla del Monte. Madrid

Highlands Barcelona
C/ Manuel de Florentín Pérez, 26. Barcelona

Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel - Barcelona
C/ Cardenal de Senmenat, 1-5. Barcelona
Highlands Sevilla
Ctra. Sevilla-Utrera, km. 4,5 Montequinto. Sevilla
Cumbres School - Valencia
C/ Daniel Comboni, 7 Moncada. Valencia

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria - Madrid
Ctra. Pozuelo-Majadahonda M-515, Km 1.800 Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid

... and around the world

Today, the Regnum Christi movement has a network of schools and universities all over the world:

world: 135 schools in 17 countries and 35 Mano Amiga (Helping Hand) schools for underprivileged children in 9 countries. The Mano Amiga schools arose from the need to support the development of poorer communities through the education of their children and young people. 14 universities in the USA, Mexico, Chile, Italy and Spain.

Over 60 years educating, teaching and evangelising people.

OAK International
The Oak International Academies also form part of the Regnum Christi education group. They comprise a complementary offer whereby our pupils from anywhere in the world can undertake a temporary period of study with the guarantee of continuity within a single, overarching education system. It provides our pupils with an advantage in language learning, as well as experiences through getting to know other realities and cultures.

· Les Avants sur Montreux: Le Chatelard

· Dublin OAK
· Woodlands Academy

· Wisconsin:
Oaklawn Academy
· Rhode Island:
Overbrook Academy
· Detroit:
Everest Academy for Boys
Everest Academy for Girls

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