SUNRISE Method (Pre-school and Primary):
An education programme focused on skill-based schooling: not only does it provide pupils with knowledge but also gives them the skills to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their leader3

Top Leader” Programme (Secondary)This programme is intended at awakening the leader that lies within our pupils and enabling them to lead their own lives. We achieve this through Cinema Forums, Debate Clubs,an Apologetics Course, subject-focused projects, cultural visits, synthesis work, research work, etc.

APS Programme - Pre-University Guidance (Higher Secondary)This aims at providing pupils with the best professional guidance possible. Pupils undertake a week of work experience, literary workshops, attend professional guidance conferences, conferences on how to access university education, enjoy leisure alternatives, conferences on academic and professional opportunities and open days at a number of different universities.

Virtues Programme3formación
Highlands School Barcelona seeks the development of human virtues through all its educational, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and fosters habits of harmony and solidarity.

New Technologies
New technologies are incorporated in the teaching of various subjects so that pupils and teachers become familiar with themict and are able to make good use of the educational resources they provide: the use of multimedia systems as an educational resource in all areas of the syllabus and technical training for using and creating educational material in multimedia language, as well as using these systems as a resource for educational assessment purposes.

etiquetteCivility Programme We work on civility throughout all stages of the education process to make sure our pupils are educated and polite personss.


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