Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


We are a private, bilingual, catholic school with the mission of educating leaders of the future through academic excellence and integral formation, accompanied by personal guidance.


Our slogan “Semper altius”, expresses our desire to achieve, every day, the maximum integral development of our students, including intellectual, physical, moral, and human excellence.


At Highlands School Barcelona our values are commitments to our families:

  • Commitment to Collaboration:
    • Our goal is to collaborate with Highlands families to educate their children, as we understand that this is the only way to achieve the excellence we are looking for.
  • Commitment to Academics:
    • Our educational project, which is comprised of 4 areas, aims to improve the personal maturity and moral development of each student, complemented by the pursuit of academic excellence so that each student can achieve his or her personal best.
  • Commitment to Moral Values:
    • Our school promotes catholic values with absolute liberty and respect to parents and pupils. That commitment offers the opportunity to our pupils to acquire moral values which will accompany them for all their life.
  • Commitment to Professionalism:
    • Highlands School has a professional and international team focused uniquely and exclusively on achieving excellence in their pupils and improving, day by day, their learning techniques. They are great professionals with a lot of experience in pedagogical, human, and social fields. They are responsible for pupil attaining a high academic level.
  • Social compromise:
    • With our program Highlands in Action, we are committed to helping people in need through social projects done by our pupils and families. These projects are key for their personal development.


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