familiaThe family is an essential part of our education community.

It is important to pupils that their parents make a commitment to taking part in school activities so that pupils can feel proud to be a part of their school. We had the idea of starting up a House System, like the English system, to aim for a higher implication of the whole family in the school community.

Public classes: Parents come to observe how we apply our pedagogical system. This takes place in Pre-School (years P3 and P5) and in Primary education (2nd, 4th and 6th Grade).

Presentation classes: Pupils in 2nd and 4th Grade Secondary present what they have learned through the year to their parents.

Father’s Day: This is one of the most important days at our school. The fathers of Pre-school pupils take part in various activities prepared by their children.


Mother’s Day: This is one of the days most looked forward to by our Pre-school children. Mothers take part in various activities with their children.

Grandparents’ Day: This is the sweetest day at the school as grandparents take part in a baking competition. Prizes are awarded to the most original, the sweetest and the best-tasting cakes. The pupils prepare a number of activities for the grandparents and enjoy the cakes at the end of the day.

Family Day: On this day, the families enjoy the school facilities and a number of activities that make the pupils feel proud of their own school.

Festivals: At Christmas and the end of the school year, our Pre-primary and Primary pupils take part in these festivals.

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