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What is? House System

Highlands School Barcelona wants to create a new focal point for the school by using the project of the Highlands House System with all the families and students of the school. The Highlands House System is a traditional characteristic of the British schools and is similar to the college system in University. The famous Bishop Cotton School, founded on July 28, 1859, was one of the first schools in the world to start with the implementation of the idea of a houses system, as a resource to organize games and sports in school as part of the daily co-curricular activities.



The goal of the project is to create a sense of pertinence and proud of Highlands School Barcelona, developing union and strength between the students, and offering a dynamic motivation during the school life at Highlands Barcelona.

With this approach, every student has a sense of pertinence towards his/her house, considering it as family, since the student will stay in the same house during his/her school time.



The benefits of the project are ample; the development of personal and social habits, responsibility of each individual student, the care of the environment, the will to study and to learn good manners, the cooperation between students of different ages…

The House System will be divided into 4 houses, representing the 4 saints of the United Kingdom:

The students have been creating themselves the shield, banner, motto, values and song for each house, making the project theirs from its very beginnings. Furthermore, every house will have a:

  • “Head teacher” (a teacher)
  • “Head boy-girl” (a student)
  • “Family chairman” (parents)
  • Room in school, which the students will decorate as they wish, to carry out different activities.



The functioning of our Highlands House System during the school year it's a competition between the different houses, in which points are gained or taken away by carrying out the activities. At the end of the school year there is one winning house. The activities to be taken into account are going to be attitude, punctuality, respect, obedience, academic results, results during the Highlands week etc.

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