St. David’s House

escudo david

Saint David, patron saint of Wales, was born circa 500. He became a priest, engaged in missionary work and founded many monasteries. He led a life of austerity and prayer, labour and intense study. Saint David was declared archbishop by popular acclaim and became a spiritual leader throughout Britain. He died about 590. Saint David is pictured standing on a mound with a dove on his shoulders, symbol of his impressing eloquence.  

Saint David’s House coat of arms contains the banner of Saint David, the yellow cross on a field of black; the Highlands School emblem on a field of Scottish tartan; the dragon and the daffodil, symbols of the house. The golden crown evokes heavenly reward. The main colours of the house are yellow, white and black. 1st March is Saint David’s Day.

Saint David’s House main values are: charity, purity loyalty and effort. Its members try to carry themselves with kindness and reliability. 

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