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Saint Georges, patron saint of England, was born circa 280. He originally came from Cappadocia (now Turkey) and served the Roman army. When Diocletian started his persecutions against the Christians, Saint George declared himself to be a Christian and thus denied the false idols. He suffered many tortures because of his faith and died as a martyr circa 303. Saint George is depicted as an equestrian slaying the dragon, symbol of the conquering of evil.

Saint George’s House coat of arms contains the banner of Saint George, the red cross of a martyr on a field of white; the Highlands School emblem on a field of Scottish tartan; the lion and the rose, symbols of the house. The golden crown evokes heavenly reward. The main colours of the house are red, white and gold. 23rd April is Saint George’s Day.

Saint George’s House main values are: justice, strength, bravery and honour. Its members try to behave with righteousness and courage. 

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