St. Patrick’s House

escudo patrickSaint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, was born circa 385 in Britain. As a boy of fourteen or so, Irish riders captured him as a slave to herd sheep for six years. He converted to Christianity and returned to Ireland to spend the rest of his life working as a Christian missionary. He died in 461. Saint Patrick is pictured driving the snakes, symbol of the cleansing of paganism, or showing the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity mystery.

Saint Patrick’s House coat of arms contains the banner of Saint Patrick, the red saltire on a field of white; the Highlands School emblem on a field of Scottish tartan; the stag and the shamrock, symbols of the house. The golden crown evokes heavenly reward. The main colours of the house are green, white and orange. 17th March is Saint Patrick’s Day.    

Saint Patrick’s House main values are: faith, honesty, commitment and perseverance. Its members try to act with truthfulness and dedication. 

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