May 2016. Social Participation

IMG 0644As part of our Highlands in Action Social Participation programme, our 1st Primary students went to an elderly home and offered a hand-made rose, poems and songs to the eldery people there. There was a clown who made both children and adults laugh and dance.

2nd Primary students walked to the nearby childrens' hospital St. Joan de Déu and produced some artcrafts together with the hospitalised children.

3rd Primary students went to another elderly home. They had breakfast and played bingo together. Our students performed a theatre play and they all had a good time. At Higlands School Barcelona we strongly believe that these kind of actions are important both for society and for our students' education.

April 2016. Vocational Week

noticia-barcelonaFrom 25th April until 29th April, we have been celebrating Vocational Week. Primary students have taken part in a prayer campaign for vocations.

Secondary students have attended an activity called vocational coffee, where they have been listening to testimonies of different vocations, e.g. a priest, some nuns, a consecrated lady, a husband, etc.

Our Kindergarten students have also listened carefully to the testimony of a couple of nuns and have made them questions about their habit and many other things!

April 2016. Theatre Week.

foto teatroWe have been celebrating Theatre Week. All students, from Kindergarten to Upper-Secondary have carried several activities related to Theatre.

In particular, 4th Secondary, 1st and 2nd Upper-Secondary School have gone o the theatre to watch a couple of plays.

The first one was "Don Juan" by Molière to the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. On 8th of April they went to see Hamlet to the Teatre LLiure de Gràcia.

March 2016, Saint Patrick's Day

noticia2Some days ago we celebrated Saint Patrick's day at school. The members of Saint Patrick's House wore green and/or orange accessories. They learned more about Ireland and its culture.

We had a surprise for P5 up to 6th Primary students, an Irish professional came to teach them how to dance a traditional Irish dance.

Students had dance workshops and later on they performed in front of students from other Houses. Thank you for coming Ms. Gemma Clare O'Connor, it was a lovely day!

Winners of the Canta y Baila Contest 2016

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