etiquetteThe canteen service is available to pupils, teachers and school staff who wish to make use of it.

ARAMARK, the company managing the service, is considered one of the top three companies in this business. Every month, parents are provided with the menu for the month and nutritional information on the overall amount of protein, carbohydrates and lipids provided, as well as their weekly calorie value.

We guarantee good food for our pupils and believe lunch hour to be highly important for fostering good habits in our pupils through positive motivation campaigns.

Click here to download the menu for the month.

Click here to download the menu for the month without lactose.

Click here to download the menu for the month without egg.

Click here to download the menu for celiacs.

Bearing in mind the integral formation of our pupils, we have implemented a civility programme in the canteen that seeks to teach our pupils the following manners:

  • Sitting properly at the table
  • Oral care
  • Using cutlery properly
  • Napkin use and etiquette
  • Trying all types of food
  • Filling the glass moderately
  • Keeping a clean table
  • Keeping voices down
  • Talking to everyone at the table
  • Blessing the food
  • Helping to serve others
  • Obeying dinning-room monitors
  • Eating everything even if you may not like the food


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