Ski Trips


Highlands School Barcelona organizes some excursions during the academic year: one with the pupils and the other with Highlands’ families, because we want families to be able to experience the Highlands spirit.

• Familiar ski trip:

The first edition (2012) was in La Molina – Masella sky resort and more than 100 enjoyed a great weekend of snow, sun and different activities. Being a familiar day, all activities were designed for the enjoyment of children.

In the second edition (2013), the success exceeded our expectations because there were more than 120 people. The school families, delighted with the initiative launched the previous year, returned to enjoy a great family weekend.

School ski trip:

To increase the fellowship and group cohesion, Highlands School Barcelona also organizes a ski trip for pupils, where they enjoy a weekend in the snow. During these days, our pupils participate in ski lessons for beginners, mid-level and high-level. In the afternoon, we prepare different entertainment activities to promote teamwork and a good environment. With this, we try to enhance their competitive spirit, perseverance, and sports ability, which are all very important at our school.

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