Integral Catholic Formation

Spiritual Formation

We seek to help each pupil experience a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the love and security He conveys, and to help them discover the Church as Mother and Master. To that end, celebration of the Eucharist and Confession play a central role in our approach.

We seek to inspire a love of God in their hearts.



Formation in Virtues

We seek to form mature and free-thinking individuals. To achieve that, we place an emphasis on educating character and willpower, while also trying to help our pupils overcome personal barriers by working on their virtues. Discipline and physical education become ideal channels through which to forge character and develop such values as respect, strength, perseverance, teamwork and personal betterment, among others.

We seek to forge integral individuals.

social participation

Social Participation

Our wish is for pupils to live a life of commitment to social transformation according to Gospel principles. Therefore, they take part in social projects that foster social awareness and ensure they value the social, family and economic situation in which they live.

Our goal is for them to give the best of themselves.


Formative Discipline

Discipline consists of encouraging pupils to discover the reasons and values that lie behind our rules and not simply view them as the imposition of regulations. We believe in education through self-conviction with a respect for others, as this leads to reasoning and willpower in the pupil. This approach is known as formative discipline, and seeks not so much to correct but rather to steer the pupil towards self-correction and discovering the true process of learning.

We seek to forge integral people

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