Personal Guidance

Personalised education considers each person as an individual soul. At our school, teachers work with the differences that define each pupil: their psychology, their qualities, their limitations, their previous formation, their family and social environment and their personal history.

Personal Guidance

We undertake the following:

  • individual and group tutoring with the pupil
  • tutoring with parents
  • we dedicate time to answering questions
  • revision and catch-up classes
  • we teach study techniques while always collaborating with the family and the Psycho-pedagogy Department.

School Guidance OfficeThis office provides support for the comprehensive education of your child.

The social and emotional development of a child has a direct influence on their learning. For that reason, an education centre is an excellent place for paying attention to and being able to help each one of the pupils. The entire education community (family and school) is made aware of this reality, and works and collaborates to ensure that the pupil develops in a harmonious and comprehensive manner. In other words, we ensure that pupils achieve their full potential as people.

Method - the School Guidance Office undertakes the following activities:

  • Tutorials. Development of a personalised guidance plan
  • Individual intervention
  • Classroom intervention
  • Advice to the family
  • Follow-up and collaboration with external centres
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