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PRO-LIFE WEEK: From the 9th to the 13th of April we celebrated pro- life week, doing different activities. Students and teachers  listened to diverse testimonies to reflect on the value of life .
P4 – P5: Life, the perfect creation of God. Miguel and Atocha Maristany
1st and 2nd Primary: Pregnancy evolution and care. María Lorenzo
3rd – 5th Primary: Challenges of premature babies. Lali Arnau from “Contigo como en casa” https://contigocomoencasa.com/
6th Primary and 3rd Sec: Life after spinal injury. Cristina Sales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbbIcrjTFKQ
1st – 2nd Sec: Incurable rare diseases. Isabel Lavin from “Fundación Mencía” http://www.fundacionmencia.org/es/inicio/
4th Sec – 2nd Upper Sec: Cystic fibrosis, another way of life. Ignacio and Begoña Maristany.