Charity websites

The 2nd ESO girls put their English skills to good use last month. After learning about the global issue of pollution and some of our planet’s most contaminated oceans and waterways, our students were tasked with inventing their own charity organizations to support clean up efforts and conservation. For this project, students researched a specific issue of their choice and built a website for others to learn about and support their cause. The girls put a lot of heart into their charities and websites! Some even allow you to donate to established organizations that support their mission right from the webpage they created.
Of course, this assignment was required to be completed solely in English!
Take a look at some of the impressive work here:
Poseidon’s Army by Marie and Carmen:
Green Mind by Lucia and Alba:
Solution for Water Pollution by Ines and Merce:
Save the Planet by Candela, Marta and Martina:
Colored World by Sofia and Rosa: