Highlands Family Day

The Family Day took place last Friday, 14th of June. The special day began with our Infant school students performing a fantastic festival for their parents and friends. Then, we could enjoy different activities around the school.

The Mum’s market was a success, it was located in the Masia Courtyard and everyone loved it. Sports, like the football match, had a lot of crowds too. Mums, dads, students and even teachers danced during the Zumba lessons.

The little and not so little had so much fun playing at the inflatables and when they wanted a little break they went to the face painting activity, where they sat to get their face paint while they recharged energies, so they could go back to jump and run in the inflatables. Highlands tombola was a magic trick, now you see it and now you don’t, it only lasted two seconds until students had ended with everything there.

We love our Family Day because is the perfect opportunity for all the family to join and enjoy a perfect evening all together.