Entradas de] Gestor DIRCOM HL Barcelona

Trip to Cantabria

Tue-Fri, 4-7,  October%% 1st Secondary students will be visiting Cantabria with their classmates, teachers and staff. Covadonga, Santillana del Mar, Ontaneda, Cabárceno, etc are some of the places they will visit. Upon their return they will write a summary report.  

Camino de Santiago

Sun-Fri, 2-7,  October%% Nuestros alumnos de 4º ESO irán de peregrinación hasta Santiago de Compostela acompañados de profesores y personal no docente. Vivirán experiencias únicas.

Primary Residential Trip

Wed-Fri, 21-23, September%% Primary students will go on a Residential Trip to the countryside. It is a great opportunity, specially for new students, to integrate. Plenty of sports and team-building activities are organised by our teachers and staff and all students look forward to these enjoyable days.

HSB Summer School

The best way to invest their holiday time while being healthy, having fun, and learning! Full English immersion programme for children from 4 months  up to 13 years old. Open to children from other schools. Join one of our three summer school programmes. More information https://www.highlandsbarcelona.es/summer-activities/

Finalista Becas Europa 2022

Nuestra alumna de 2º Bachillerato Carmen López Baena se encuentra entre los 200 finalistas del Programa Becas Europa, un programa de excelencia preuniversitaria del Banco Santander y la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria que fomenta el talento, premia la excelencia y apoya las redes de liderazgo. Para ello selecciona a los 50 mejores alumnos preuniversitarios de […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Thursday, 17, March%% At school, we enjoy offering international education and a House System. On the 17th of March, we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint. This day has now become an international festival dedicated to celebrating Irish culture, with parades, Irish dancing, Irish traditional music, and everyone dressed […]

Paddle Tennis Tournament

Saturday, 12, March%% To celebrate our 20 years of excellence, we will be having a Paddle Tennis Tournament for our families and their friends on Saturday 12th at school. Do not miss this opportunity to spend a lovely sports day and enjoy this get-together event! More information on our Instagram.