Entradas de] Gestor DIRCOM HL Barcelona

Charity websites

The 2nd ESO girls put their English skills to good use last month. After learning about the global issue of pollution and some of our planet’s most contaminated oceans and waterways, our students were tasked with inventing their own charity organizations to support clean up efforts and conservation. For this project, students researched a specific issue […]

Open Day

Tuesday, 11, December%% If you are interested in enrolling your child/children, you are invited to visit the school. RSVP required. Please contact us at +34934180900 or admissisons@highlandsbarcelona.es

Jean Bouin Race – 25th November 2018

Once more the school took part in this annual race organized by Mundo Deportivo in Plaça Espanya, Barcelona as sports are an essential part of education. We wish to congratulate all Highlands’ students, from the youngest – 8 years old- to the oldest- 17 years old. In particular, we congratulate E. Rodriguez who won the 4th […]

Music Week

Mon-Fri, 19-23, November%% This week we are doing plenty of activities related to music, such as creating our own instruments, listening to music during lunchtime and performing little concerts for other students.

Formación para padres

Wednesday, 21, November%% El colegio ofrecerá una interesante charla gratuita dirigida a padres y madres de familia titulada «¿Quién soy yo?» de la mano del P. Pedro Castañera. Imprescindible confirmar asistencia a secretaria@highlandsbarcelona.es