Entradas por Gestor DIRCOM HL Barcelona

Formación para padres

Wednesday, 21, November%% El colegio ofrecerá una interesante charla gratuita dirigida a padres y madres de familia titulada “¿Quién soy yo?” de la mano del P. Pedro Castañera. Imprescindible confirmar asistencia a secretaria@highlandsbarcelona.es

Open Day

Friday,23, November%% If you are interested in enrolling your child/children in Infant or Primary School, you are invited to visit the school on Friday at 3 pm. RSVP required. Please contact us at +34934180900 or admissisons@highlandsbarcelona.es

Trip to Madrid

Mon-Thu, 5-8, November %% 1st-grade Secondary students enjoy a 4-day cultural trip to Madrid where they will visit the city with their teachers and learn more about Spain’s capital history and culture.

La Castanyada

Wednesday, 31, October%% Per les vísperes de Tots Sants, des del departament de català s’han organitzat diverses activitats pels alumnes, com l’elaboració de panellets, la visita de la Castanyera, i un teatre de la tardor.

Grandparents Day

Friday, 26, October %% All Infant school grandparents are invited to the school for the show and cake contest that afternoon. A lunch has been organized for those grandparents, RSVP required.

Cambridge IGCSE Art course

From Iceland to New York, international teachers have traveled from far & wide this week to attend the Cambridge IGCSE Art course hosted at Highlands in October 2018! Sheryl Wildsmith gave a fresh insight into the standards required in order to gain this Art Qualification and presented all sorts of incredible examples. All teachers came […]