Canteen Colegio Privado Barcelona

The canteen service is available to pupils, teachers and school staff who wish to use it.

The company Hostesa, which manages this service, is considered to be one of the three best in the world. Each month parents are provided with the monthly menu and an informative table on the overall amount of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids ingested, as well as the weekly calorie values.

We ensure that our pupils are well nourished, and we consider lunchtime to be a very important time to cultivate good habits in the children, through positive motivation campaigns.

The school offers a menu every month, as well as three adaptations for those with egg allergies, lactose intolerance and coeliacs. Through the Educamos platform, the different menus are sent to parents on a monthly basis.

In order to achieve the integral education of the pupils, we have implemented a programme of urbanism in the dining room with the aim that all pupils learn the following rules of education:

  • Sitting properly at the table
  • Mouth care
  • Correct use of cutlery
  • Use and use of napkins
  • Eating everything
  • Fill your glass in moderation
  • Keep the table clean
  • Moderate your tone of voice
  • Talking to everyone at the table
  • Blessing the table
  • Helping to serve others
  • Obey the monitors
  • Eat even if I don’t like it

From Primary 1 onwards, our pupils take part in the MESA RESTAURANTE programme, which teaches them the correct table manners. To do this, the pupils periodically participate in this programme in groups of 10 or 12, in which they carry out tasks such as preparing the table correctly, serving the food, sitting down properly, etc.