Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Barcelona

512 Students in social projects

10 Partnerships for social participation

7 Experts accompany Catholic Formation

We educate by evangelising and we evangelise by educating according to the charism of Regnum Christi.

Our school is part of the educational work of Regnum Christi, a movement of the Catholic Church that has been promoting educational centres in many countries of the world for 70 years.

We form our students in a Christian vision of reality, in which faith and reason come together to make man give the best of himself.

We want our school to be an environment where everyone can discover God’s love in their lives and feel the call to transform society according to Gospel values.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Barcelona

Christian Life

Every day at our school is an opportunity to get to know Jesus and to experience the joy and beauty of faith.

We want every student to experience God’s love for the school and to discover the Church as a family in which there is a heart-filling unity.

We offer a range of activities and programmes to help them acquire a fundamental knowledge of the Christian faith and morals and to experience a deep friendship with Jesus Christ through prayer and the sacraments:

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Barcelona

Family masses: One Sunday of each month, family masses will be celebrated in the school chapel at 12:30 p.m.

Formation for leadership and apostolate

He who does not live to serve does not serve to live

Social involvement and apostolate

We educate our students in servant leadership, so that through their education and profession they feel committed to the good of the society to which they belong. We train them as apostles, that is, people who feel the impulse to communicate to others the joy and beauty that faith has given them to experience.

With this in mind, our students participate in social projects adapted to their age, from Primary to Baccalaureate, which foster their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transforming experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

Faced with the throwaway culture (Pope Francis), a culture of social commitment and Christian love

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado BarcelonaWe collaborate with:


  • Food Bank Week
  • Baby Help Week
  • Operation Kilo


House System to promote collaboration and teamwork:

One way of promoting collaboration and teamwork is through the traditional British House System. We have four houses in which all our pupils, from Infant to Secondary, are distributed; St Patrick, St David, St Andrew and St George. With House days throughout the year and various inter-House competitions to win House points, our pupils enjoy this international tradition.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Barcelona

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Barcelona

The Highlands House System is a traditional feature of British schools and is similar to the University college system. The famous Bishop Cotton School, founded on 28 July 1859, was one of the first schools in the world to initiate and implement the idea of the house system as a means of organising games and sports in schools as part of their daily co-curricular activities.

The aim of such a project is to create a sense of belonging and pride in Highlands School Barcelona, developing togetherness and strength among the pupils, and providing a dynamic motivation during their school life at Highlands Barcelona. In this way, each pupil will feel a sense of belonging to their home as they will consider it as a family, as they will remain there throughout their schooling.

The benefits are many and varied: the development of personal and social skills, student responsibility, care for the environment, the willingness to learn and behave, cooperation between students of different ages…

The House System is divided into 4 houses whose patrons are the 4 saints of the UK. The students are the ones who have created the coat of arms, flag, mottos, values and song of each house, making the project their own from the beginning.

The way our Highlands House System works during the school year is a competition between houses, where points are awarded for the activities carried out by each house, so that at the end of the school year a winning house is designated. All kinds of activities are valued, ranging from attitude, punctuality, respect, obedience, academic results of the pupils, to the activities carried out during Highlands Week.  For more information go to House System.