Decalogue Colegio Privado Barcelona

The decalogue of Highlands School Barcelona summarises the school’s ideology:

1. We develop discerning individuals who give the best of themselves. Through our comprehensive education in the intellectual, human, spiritual and social fields, our pupils build character, acquire a balanced affectivity and an upright conscience. They develop values such as willpower, perseverance, respect for others and teamwork.

2. We teach and enthuse students to learn. We offer meaningful and exciting learning using strategies that promote interest in learning and academic success such as: Enjoy2read, BuildingMaths, SpearkArt, Musical Living, Etiquette, Multicultural Education and Physical Education Program.

3. We guarantee bilingualism and multicultural education. As a Cambridge Examination Centre, we ensure that the certificates are obtained throughout the schooling process thanks to the 60% of subjects taught in English at all stages of education. In this way, the student masters English as a mother tongue from an international perspective. Students learn the language not only through the study of the language but also through the experience of its culture: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Jumper Day, Red Nose Day…

4. We develop skills in public speaking, debating and competitions. Through the oral expression programme our students carry out various activities in public such as Show & Tell, Spelling Bee or Public Speech, among others.

5. We accompany our students in the experience of discipline. Assertive discipline consists of helping pupils discover the reasons and values contained in the education we give them. We guide them to live the rules freely and with conviction.

6. We promote etiquette and protocol through the Etiquette programme. Through the Etiquette programme, we promote the human relations of our pupils by teaching them how to behave and manage in all types of social events.

7. We offer proximity to students and families. We prioritise personalised treatment as we only have two different educational lines. We are co-educators together with the families and we are committed to getting the best out of each pupil for their full development.

8. We care for those most in need. Through our Highlands in Action programme, our pupils carry out social action by attending hospitals, centres for people with intellectual disabilities, foundations, old people’s homes, soup kitchens, etc. They also collaborate with the VIS FOUNDATION to assist needy schools all over the world. Our aim is to enable students to contribute to the good of society.

9. We have a House System and an educational campus. Thanks to the House System, typical of English education, we foster a sense of belonging to the school and a sense of togetherness among the pupils, we encourage motivation and healthy competition in the activities we organise. We also have extensive educational and sports facilities surrounded by nature.

10. We prepare pupils to be positive leaders. With the Top Leader programme we are concerned that pupils build their personal and professional lives on the development of their qualities. We want each pupil to reach maturity and be able to transmit their convictions to others.