Extra-curricular Activities and Sports

“Extracurricular activities are those aimed at promoting the centre’s openness to its environment and at ensuring the pupils’ all-round education. They are carried out outside school hours, are voluntary for the pupils and seek the active involvement of the whole educational community”.

The offer of extracurricular activities is aimed at stimulating the pupils’ artistic ability, motor coordination, intellectual capacity and their integral development as a person.

  • Sports activities
  • Artistic activities
  • Intellectual activities

For Students




  • Extra-curricular activity free of charge during June 2023 for all students who enrol in that extra-curricular activity before 15th of July 2022 and remain enrolled for the whole school year.
  • There will be an additional 10% discount on the third extracurricular activity per student.
  • Activities will start on Monday 12th September.