In an atmosphere designed to inspire, our youngest pupils discover a passion for learning, experimenting and creating their own learning experiences.

By themselves, they discover their own enormous potential and begin to work on the skills and abilities that will get them ready to face new challenges and learning in the future.

From their first few months of life, our Pre-school pupils start to develop their integral development through:

  • Project-based learning
  • Cooperative work
  • Critical thought
  • Emotional education
  • The development of autonomy

The Highlands goal is for our pupils to be capable of communicating in English with steadily increasing fluency in various situations, both inside and out of the classroom. They must therefore feel a need to use this language, so the Pre-school methodology we apply is developed in an atmosphere of linguistic immersion that fosters natural and dynamic learning based on play, in which situations of spontaneous communication that encourage learning and familiarity with the language are constantly created for them.


Education project in the Pre-school stage (0-5 years old)

By applying an enriched curriculum, we enhance the integral development of our pupils with a programme that encourages curiosity, wonder and critical thought. In practice, we include inter-disciplinary projects, sensory exploration and early stimulation within the field of psychomotricity.

Fields of Learning

In the Pre-school Education stage, our pupils start to discover the world around them, develop skills and acquire values for life. Basic skills must be developed to that end through globalised learning. We follow these programmes:

  • BuildingMaths: our pupils build logical and mathematical reasoning by experimenting with various materials in a real and practical way.

  • Scientific Thought: the experiments they engage in regularly allow our pupils to work on critical thought, scientific methods and inter-disciplinary projects.

  • Sensorial Learning: based on the five senses and play, our pupils explore, perceive and learn about the world around them.

  • Enjoy2read y Starfall: ambos programas están diseñados para fomentar el desarrollo del lenguaje, la conciencia fonológica y las habilidades tanto de lectura como de escritura necesarias para el éxito del aprendizaje integral de las lenguas.
  • Psychomotricity Living Programme: this is a child-targeted integral programme that facilitates bodily and emotional expression and the development of imagination. Early neuromotor stimulation is included to complete the programme, through which our pupils begin to engage in exercises that encourage coordination, balance and movement, and drive them to get to know themselves.

  • Music Living Programme: our pupils venture into the wonderful world of music through practical play-based methods. At this stage, their schooling prepares them for their future move up to Primary with the “Conservatorio del Liceu”.

  • SpeakArt Programme: under this programme, our pupils familiarise themselves with some of the great artists and their masterpieces. They also experiment with various visual and plastic art techniques. Our pupils use critical thought routines that enable them to analyse the pieces and learn significantly.

    • SpeakArt Programme: under this programme, our pupils familiarise themselves with some of the great artists and their masterpieces. They also experiment with various visual and plastic art techniques. Our pupils use critical thought routines that enable them to analyse the pieces and learn significantly.

These activities include the following:

    • Show and Tell
    • Drama Performances
    • Star of the week
    • Seasonal festivals and special events

  • Highlands in Action: our pupils begin to get involved in social work activities from Pre-school upwards.
    • Mary’s Meals: canteen grants are obtained through small gestures of love that enable poorer children to receive schooling.
    • In partnership with the Sant Joan de Dèu Socio-healthcare Services department, the care and maintenance of a school kitchen garden is coordinated with the help of residents at the Adult Assistance Centre. Our pupils learn to plant vegetables and look after the kitchen garden from planting through to harvesting with the invaluable help of those taking part in this programme. (Temporarily on hold due to COVID)
    • Domus Astri and Orpea Elderly Care Homes: Our pre-school pupils enjoy their Christmas festival and end-of-year celebrations at the elderly care home. (Temporarily on hold due to COVID)
  • Swimming Programme: our pupils enjoy the opportunity to take part in the swimming programme thanks to an agreement with the “Penguins” Swimming Academy. These classes are taught in English and are available to pupils from the age of two.

How do our pupils learn?

Our goal is for pupils to learn to learn. With that in mind, we implement active learning strategies through which the teacher takes part in the formation of pupils as a mediator and facilitator, providing them with the tools they need for self-learning. This enables the child to become the protagonist of their own development. The teachers constantly motivate initiative, curiosity and active work by our pupils based on the following strategies:

  • Problem-based learning
  • Cooperative learning
  • Comprehension projects

The school provides learning environments with diverse spaces and materials that are conducive to discovery, exploration, experimentation and play.


Catholic Formation

We want every pupil at our school to have the experience of being loved by Christ and to find in the Church an extension of their own family.

Visits to the chapel help our pupils feel closer to God and motivate them to learn about prayer.

Family activities

We are fully aware that parents are the primary and chief educators of their children. We are therefore wholly committed to working alongside them on that task. To this end, we organise such events as parenting schools, family activities and various other activities that are essential to the completion of our education project.

Mother´s day

Grandparents day

Family Services

Individual tutoring and personalised services are designed to accompany families throughout the school year in order to monitor the evolutionary development of their children.


International formation

We believe in the importance of languages as a fundamental vehicle that will enable our pupils to develop in an international setting.

We encourage participation in various events during the school year aimed at bringing them closer to Anglo-Saxon culture. These activities include Thanksgiving Day, Jumper Day, etc.

Furthermore, our faculty teaches English as a first language through the “synthetic phonics” system and places a focus on the transmission of oral culture with storytelling, nursery rhymes and songs.


  • Enjoy2read: is a programme designed to foster the development of language, phonological awareness and the skills necessary for success in integral language learning.


Digital resources

We have classrooms equipped with interactive digital projectors and other devices to be used as learning tools that enable our pupils to engage in interactive activities and start learning about multimedia languages, teaching them about responsible use.

We gradually incorporate programming and robotics through Beebots.



Virtues programme

We form our pupils in the experience of values in order to help them grow in their human development.

Such values as obedience, respect, effort, responsibility, etc. will be encouraged through our virtues programme, with joint efforts being made by the family and school.

Emotional education

The Guidance Department has designed an emotional education programme that covers such topics as awareness, regulation and emotional relationships. Through activities of an attractive nature for our pupils, this programme enables them to become aware of the range of emotions that can be felt, how to experience them and how to express them.

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