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Music Programme Colegio Privado Barcelona

Highlands School Barcelona aims to develop the musical skills and abilities of its pupils, seeking comprehensive training and academic excellence. For this reason, in 2016 Highlands School obtained recognition as a School Linked to the Conservatori El Liceu, increasing the musical level of Highlands pupils.

The link with the Conservatori El Liceu allows the school to develop a curricular and academic programme of the conservatory in the school itself, thus giving pupils the opportunity to study, take exams and obtain official music certificates throughout their school life.

All primary school pupils take part in the Cantatas project in which, during their music class, they work on and prepare a series of musical works which they then perform together with other related schools and instrumental ensembles at the Palau de la Música Catalana, offering a show of great artistic quality. This project is curricular and forms part of the choral singing training of pupils in both the generalist and basic programmes.

On the other hand, Highlands School Barcelona has a Primary School choir which has participated in various musical meetings in the city of Barcelona, as well as in international exchanges in France. The Secondary choir has recently been created with the same educational project in the field of music, also offering a musical base in choral singing and singing technique. Both choirs participate in the school’s musical concerts during the school year.

The Conservatori El Liceu programme has been implemented in the Primary stage as follows:

  • Option 1: HIGHLANDS SCHOOL BARCELONA- CONSERVATORI LICEU MUSICAL PROGRAMME from 1st to 6th Primary for pupils who do not take the extracurricular instrument course. 

At Highlands, pupils in 1st and 2nd Primary take their music subject based on the curriculum of the Conservatori Liceu within our curricular project without the need to take an extracurricular musical language course, obtaining the necessary level to access the official exams of the conservatory’s basic programme. In this way we give students the opportunity to acquire a high level of music that will allow them to join the basic music programme by enrolling and choosing an instrument after school.

In the case of not taking an instrument, the student would follow the methodology of the Highlands School Barcelona – Conservatori Liceu music programme throughout primary school with a very high level but without the requirements of the official Liceu exams (B3, B4, B5, B6).

Music Programme Colegio Privado Barcelona

  • Option 2: BASIC LEVEL PROGRAMME OF HIGHLANDS SCHOOL OF MUSIC BARCELONA – CONSERVATORI LICEU from 1st to 6th Primary for students who take the extracurricular instrument (piano, guitar, violin or flute).

If they choose to play an instrument, pupils enter the basic programme in which they have the opportunity to take all their official Conservatori Liceu exams each year. From basic 3 onwards, the student also takes the extracurricular class of musical language to acquire the level required by the Conservatori Liceu. All students have accredited teachers to study their instrument and musical language and also have the opportunity (depending on the student’s level) to join Conservatori Liceu projects such as the string orchestra, guitar orchestra, combos, specific workshops, etc… These students also give two concerts a year at the school in which the educational community can see how they express themselves through music, developing their artistic skills.

The instruments currently on offer at Highlands are piano, violin, flute and guitar.

Music Programme Colegio Privado Barcelona