Nursing Colegio Privado BarcelonaWe have a nursing department. Our school nurse covers various functions such as:

  • Assistance with any emergency or incident that may arise during school hours.
  • Control and monitoring of pupils with chronic illnesses in collaboration with families and the health team.
  • Proactive work to promote health and the acquisition of healthy habits through health education programmes.


In the event of having to bring any medication to school, parents must complete the Medication Administration Authorisation form and attach a copy of the prescription to be sent to the nurse. The medicine must come in its box.

In the case of students with pathologies that require some type of health intervention: allergies, convulsions, intolerances, etc., it is necessary to present the signed medical report, in which the treatment to be followed must be prescribed. They must also bring their medication and the nurse will keep it for them to be administered if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact the infirmary by telephone on 620 310 830 or by email: