Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

We provide each pupil with the necessary tools to develop their full potential, helping them to successfully face the challenges in their environment.

We seek to provide high-quality formation while recognising the personal needs of each child and accompanying them as they bring out the best in themselves and develop their own uniqueness, and encouraging their creativity and thinking skills.

A team of highly qualified teachers engage in the best methodological practices (project-based learning, cooperative work, thinking strategies, etc.) to pose challenges to our pupils aimed at developing an understanding of the world around them through stimulating activities that boost their confidence and natural curiosity to learn.

In this way, our pupils gain high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding aimed at problem-solving while they enjoy the learning process and get ready for their move up to Secondary:

Our teachers, together with pupils, are the driving force behind the school. We have the best educators who are highly dedicated and responsible for forming future professionals who conscientiously give the best of themselves to the world.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona
Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona


BuildingMaths Programme

Our programme considers different learning styles while our pupils learn mathematics in a way that is adapted to reality based on the deductive method. All concepts of mathematics are introduced in order to harness the learning ability and adaptability of our pupils’ brains at this stage. We apply active learning strategies through various calculation techniques and we work with a broad range of materials in order to learn about the composition and decomposition of numbers.

This is one of the resources most highly recognised by maths teachers for enriching and individually supporting the path of each pupil through their own learning.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona


Critical thought

This programme enables our pupils to appreciate the credibility of a source of information or an opinion, identify the arguments and extract conclusions.

This requires training in such skills as:

  • Analysis
  • Reasoning
  • Reflection
  • Judgement formation

Music Programme

Musical education is a key part of social and cognitive development in pupils from a very young age.

With that in mind and in addition to the curricular music classes taught in English, we dedicate extra class hours to this subject in partnership with the “Conservatori Liceu de Barcelona”. Our pupils thus gain greater musical competence.

Our programmes in this area include:

  • Choir
  • Music Week
  • Shows and concerts
  • Highlands Got Talent

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Etiquette Programme

We seek the development of human virtues through educational, curricular and extra-curricular activities by fostering habits based on harmony and solidarity.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Under this programme, our pupils learn habits of urban living and the ground rules of protocol.

The most highly performing pupil will become the lunch guest of the month, receiving the privilege to eat their lunch with the school headmaster and teachers.

Healthy Habits

In partnership with our nurse, we enrich the Etiquette Programme with training and activities related to nutrition, sport, sleeping hours, etc. in order to build a more wholesome and healthier society.

Study techniques

Our study techniques programme has been recognised by the Pineda Foundation ( and provides our pupils with different strategies aimed at autonomously optimising their study using the PASERR method, among others, and is applied at both an extra-curricular level and inside the classroom through the tutorial action plan.

Thanks to this programme, our pupils successfully develop their skills in:

  • Note taking
  • Using mental maps
  • Writing summaries
  • Time management
  • Calendar use

These skills will be essential for achieving good academic results throughout their academic life.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona


Tutorial Action Plan

Alongside the guidance department, our tutors develop a programme that is focused on accompanying the pupil, guiding them on their learning journey and supporting their integral development.

Emotional education, school mediation programmes

We include an emotional education programme in the Tutorial Action Plan that fosters physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth by our pupils by encouraging communication and better social harmony based on work with teachers, students and families.

This programme helps children and young people to:

  • Get to know and trust themselves
  • Understand others
  • Recognise and express emotions and ideas
  • Develop self-control
  • Learn to make responsible decisions
  • Value and look after their health
  • Improve their social skills
  • Be aware of and identify their moods

Christian life and Spiritual accompaniment

We live the following of Christ with joy, passionately seeking the Truth and goodness, and accompanying them in Christian life.

Besides our religion classes and other pastoral activities, we have a chaplain and consecrated staff for this stage.

In the 3rd Year of Primary, we prepare our pupils within school hours to receive the First Communion.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Sports Programme

Through physical activity and sporting competitions our students practice and consolidate habits and virtues that are fundamental to their lives: creativity, teamwork, healthy competition (individual or team), diligence, willpower, perseverance, courage, friendship, companionship, respect, self-improvement, joy, etc., promoting positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles.

 Our training programmes facilitate the learning, improvement and specialisation of one or more sports. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in races and sports competitions organised by public and private entities: Jean B.

 Thanks to our extensive facilities the school offers the following sports disciplines as part of its sports curriculum:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volley-Ball
  • Paddle
  • Ping-Pong
  • Badminton

The school also offers extracurricular sports activities. For more information see our Extracurricular Activities.

Parenting school

At the school, we also want to offer a training space for parents; a meeting place for group reflection on the education work you undertake with your children:

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

  • Motor development, bonding and autonomy
  • Assertive communication
  • Not a drop of alcohol for children
  • Study techniques
  • Changes during puberty
  • Healthy eating

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona


International Formation

Because Highlands School Barcelona is recognised worldwide as a Cambridge International School, our pupils have the opportunity to follow the Cambridge curriculum as well as the local curriculum in subjects such as English, Science, etc. At the end of Primary 5th our pupils obtain the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

We teach 60% of the subjects in English so that our pupils use the English language to express themselves in a solvent and natural way, internalising it: English, Science, Music, ICT, SpeakArt and Physical Education.

We complement linguistic immersion with the experience of basic elements of Anglo-Saxon culture organised by the school’s English department. To this end, each year we include in our calendar events, multidisciplinary projects, cultural activities and international celebrations such as: Jeans Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

We also offer our students international experiences in prestigious schools in the United States, Ireland and Switzerland.

Cambridge International Primary Curriculum

Besides the national curriculum and because Highlands School Barcelona forms part of the international Cambridge schools network, our pupils enjoy a programme that is enriched by the British curriculum from Cambridge University in the following subjects:

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Public Speech Programme

In order to improve the communication skills of our pupils, we have our own public speaking programme that trains oral expression and other skills necessary for feeling at ease in public. It includes the following:

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

  • Spelling Bee
  • Public Speech Contest
  • Presentations
  • Drama opportunities and productions


ICT & Robotics

We provide our pupils with the tools they need to feel at ease in the digital world:

  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Content management and publication apps/programs
  • Control systems
  • Touch typing
  • Searching for and selecting online resources
  • Good knowledge of the Office package


Virtues Programme

We form the willpower and emotions of our pupils through the acquisition of virtues, which we work on via formative campaigns and activities in the classroom that are adapted to each year group. We focus on a series of virtues that we consider essential to their development, dedicating each term to two of them in particular: order, friendship, respect, generosity, effort, obedience, strength, responsibility, gratitude, sincerity, happiness and humility.

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Formative Discipline

Through formative discipline, our educators work to help children discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others. This allows students to gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of respect and follow the rules for building good harmony at school.

Education for love

Through the “Let’s Learn to Love” content and methodology, we educate our pupils in that which lies at the heart of our condition as people: our ability to love. Along a gradual path that is adapted to each age group, we accompany them on the discovery of true value and meaning in their body, affection and sexuality.

Social Action Campaigns (Highlands in Action)

We seek to produce an effect in the world around us that is reflected in a change of attitude towards a cause or improved social development, thereby forming pupils who are committed to the transformation of society.

Primary Colegio Privado BarcelonaWe work with:

  • Elderly care homes: our pupils write letters and attend virtual meetings)
  • Centres for persons with mental and/or physical disabilities Aproseat, Centro Pilot, Finestrelles
  • VIS FOUNDATION Rwanda Orphanage
  • The defence of life: Hogar de María, Casa Guadalupe, Maternity. They help pregnant women in complicated situations.


  • Food Bank Week
  • Baby Help Week
  • Operation Kilo

Primary Colegio Privado Barcelona

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