Our School Colegio Privado Barcelona

Mission, vision and values


To offer our students and families an environment for integral formation, accompanying them in the development of their talents so they can achieve personal and professional excellence, live full lives and become leaders capable of transforming society through the values taught by the Gospel.


  • To be a benchmark institution for those seeking integral formation for their children that nourishes all characteristics of individual personality: ethical, spiritual, intellectual, affective, communicative, aesthetic, corporal and social.
  • To provide universities and the professional world with students who are recognised as outstanding people as well as excellent professionals.
  • To provide students with an understanding of the globalised world in which we live so they may achieve international success through sound knowledge of other languages.
  • To form students that are examples of Christian life and provide leadership capable of transforming society.
  • To stand out as an institution that helps the underprivileged and promotes charity work.


  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Service

What drives us in our work to educate:

  • Jesus Christ, model person
  • A people-focused approach
  • Family as key to the development of those people
  • Love as a driving force
Our School Colegio Privado Barcelona

Our motto

Semper Altius” (“Ever Higher”) expresses what we aspire to achieve every day: optimal development of our students in every regard so that they may become the best version of themselves and contribute to the good of their societies.

Colegios privados Barcelona. Misión, visión y valores.