Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona

We shape responsible and competent people ready to embark on the marvellous journey towards personal and professional fulfilment.

The experience and dedication bestowed by the team at Highlands School Barcelona prepares our Higher Secondary pupils to embark on this stage with maturity and gives them the tools they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.

We excel through personalised attention at a crucial time in the development of their personal, academic and professional profiles. As a result, and besides the various academic study plans that we offer, we invest in placing all the resources available to us within their reach to help them grow in every way and accompany them on the path towards their chosen destination.

The following should be highlighted:

  • CAREER GUIDANCE Programme from 3rd Year Lower Secondary to 2nd Year Higher Secondary.
  • Public speaking, debates.
  • Personal interviews with pupils and their families in order to draw up a realistic work plan as a team capable of successfully leading to the chosen degree and university.
  • Social Participation Programme that helps our pupils discover other, more disadvantaged realities.
  • Master classes by professors from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.
  • Integral formation trips in 1st Year Higher Secondary to Rome and in 2nd Year Higher Secondary to Hospitalidad de Lourdes.
  • TEENAGER days.
  • Talks and forums on Affective Sexual Education
  • Participation in national and international competitions: Project Talent, TDXexperience, European Youth Parliament and Becas Europa.
Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona
Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona


Initial and ongoing diagnostic evaluation

To facilitate the transition between Lower and Higher Secondary, we dedicate the first few weeks of the year to a series of adaptation days. We focus on the personalised assessment of pupils in order to identify their strengths and areas for growth, based on which their tutors and the guidance team can prepare and develop a work plan to guarantee academic success for each pupil. We pay special attention to grouping pupils together per study path, so an important part of this adaptation plan is dedicated to encouraging teamwork, communication and human relationships.


We also offer masterclasses to our pupils from leading professionals in various fields of expertise to enrich what they learn from the curricular content.

Study techniques

Our Higher Secondary teachers introduce the most advantageous study techniques for each pupil into their programme at a multidisciplinary level in order to maximise performance in the EvAU exams and throughout their university life.

  • Schedule planning
  • Task planning
  • Identification of the most important concepts
  • Summaries and underlining
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Practical tasks

Furthermore, personal tutoring sessions and the guidance department work on these techniques in specific cases, as and when necessary.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Intensive formation

During the year, our pupils take mock exam days under the same conditions as they will face when taking university entrance exams. They also receive intensive revision courses and exhaustive preparation for these university entrance exams.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Research project

The research project is one of the most significant parts of this stage. The main educational goal for undertaking these projects in Higher Secondary is to learn two skills: the ability to research a topic; and the ability to communicate the results of one’s research in writing and orally.

Scientific rigour and perseverance in research are key elements in the search for academic excellence.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona


International guidance

We continue our multilingual education into the Higher Secondary stage, with a commitment to:

  • Study of science in English: We understand that our Higher Secondary pupils specialising in science will need a strong command of the English language in order to excel in this professional field. For that reason, we continue to teach the subjects of physics, biology and chemistry in English to ensure that our pupils also control this content in the language they will need to use when taking university entrance exams.
  • Preparation for external English level accreditation exams: at this stage, we continue consolidating our pupils’ level of English and their qualifications. In order to maximise the potential of each pupil, our English classes are divided into levels based on official qualifications for the highest levels under the common European framework for C1-C2.
  • Preparation for external French level accreditation exams.
  • Multilingual approach: Support in the other two vehicular languages needed for university entry. As part of our international model, we have agreements and partnerships with various entities that support us in offering international experiences to our Higher Secondary pupils that will help them in their transition to the professional and university academic world.
    • Visiting lecturers
    • Specialised advice on overseas university education
    • Debates

University education overseas has never been so accessible and competitive. Our work consists of facilitating university access by demonstrating the opportunities that exist and offering the tools for each pupil to decide their own path forward.

To do so, we have partnered with the leading company in Spain for international university guidance. Besides workshops and training, Highlands School has reached a special agreement with IEC so those pupils wishing to choose studies at an overseas university and their families can access a fully guaranteed personalised advice programme, because we believe each pupil is unique.


Personalised study plan

Individual academic action plan: the tutor works with the Guidance Department to prepare a specific plan for the pupil to coordinate with the teachers in each area, the guidance department and the school chaplaincy.

Career guidance

We run a complete programme of specific days and activities to accompany and help our pupils make decisions about their professional future.

    • Information days
    • Round-table discussions with professionals
    • Contact with overseas universities: the school accompanies those pupils wishing to do so on the admissions processes to overseas universities, preparing a dossier on their academic journey and personal development.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado BarcelonaThe WE programme enables pupils in the 1st year of Higher Secondary to discover the day-to-day workings of a company and gain real work experience, shadowing professionals in the sector in which they have shown an interest. The goal is for them to discover the value of work, a service mentality and teamwork, and for them to learn to accept job responsibility.

Mentorship programme

The goal of this programme is to accompany each one of our pupils at such an important time in their lives, in which they need to conclude one period – that of their school years – by gratefully taking stock of all they have lived and learned and embarking on another period with great excitement and equally great uncertainty. All the while going through the developmental period of adolescence. The goal is therefore to ensure that each pupil can count on a mentor at this point to accompany them; i.e. to stand by their side, “accepting them as they are, wherever they are, with both their talents and potential as well as their wounds and limitations, with absolute respect for their freedom and learning pace” (Document-seed), to help them discover their mission in life and open themselves up to the challenge of their own growth towards the fulfilment that beckons them.


Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona


Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona

Sports Program

Through physical activity and sporting competitions our students practice and consolidate habits and virtues that are fundamental to their lives: creativity, teamwork, healthy competition (individual or team), diligence, willpower, perseverance, courage, friendship, companionship, respect, self-improvement, joy, etc., promoting positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles.

Our training programmes facilitate the learning, improvement and specialisation of one or more sports. Students also have the opportunity to participate in races and sports competitions organised by public and private entities.

Thanks to our extensive facilities the school offers the following sports disciplines as part of its sports curriculum:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volley-Ball
  • Paddle
  • Ping-Pong
  • Badminton
  • Parcour
  • Cycling outings
  • Running
  • Baseball

The school also offers extracurricular sports activities. For more information see our Extracurricular Activities.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona


Digital environment

  • We have created a digital learning ecosystem in Office 365 that enriches classroom operation and fosters learning. This ecosystem enables us to collaborate from any location, communicate and share content securely and accessibly with our pupils, run the classroom effectively, organise tasks, have access to a greater volume of content and facilitate online formative continuity for our pupils.
  • The teaching of digital citizenship seeks to educate our pupils to become critical, free and integral citizens in the real and digital world. With that in mind, we work with our pupils on various aspects of digital citizenship on an intra-curricular basis.


Social Participation

Our pupils take part in social projects that encourage their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transformational experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

Upper Secondary Colegio Privado Barcelona

  • The defence of life. They help vulnerable pregnant women keep going.
  • Altius Foundation. “You’re not alone project”. Donation of food to vulnerable people. https://www.fundacionaltius.org/barcelona/
  • Homes for persons with disabilities: Letters and online meetings.

Formative Discipline

Through formative discipline, our educators work to help pupils discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others.  This allows pupils to gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of respect and follow the rules for building good harmony at school.

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